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Welcome former BodyTrippin' Massage Chicago clients and friends!  As you may have noticed, we have re-branded and moved our office from Andersonville to Lakeview!  Any outstanding gift certificates, packages, and/or bookings are completely honorable at our new location.  WELCOME!




"Jaye has been my massage therapist for five years.  A good massage is always good, but a great massage is hard to come by, and Jaye is by far the best.  I think what keeps her the best is that she is constantly attending workshops and classes that maintain her level of expertise.  Because of this, she knows exactly what each individual needs.  Her knowledge of human anatomy is phenomenal, but her insight into how each muscle, ache and pain are connected makes her compassionate as well." --Catherine M.

"I have been seeing Jaye for massages for well over a year and I find that she is able to tailor our sessions to meet all of my needs.  Whether I am just in for a relaxing Swedish massage or I need to gets the kinks out after a race I can count on Jaye to make it happen.  The recent addition of Thai massage has been extra helpful for my running giving my sore muscles some much needed attention and assisting with the stretching out of all the areas that tighten up after a long run." --Paula K.

"Jaye is extremely professional...considerate of her clients' needs, goes out of her way to make them feel comfortable and has an excellent rapport.  I'm very picky about my massage therapist and Jaye definitely stands out from the rest.  She has been my go-to massage therapist for the past year and has helped me out for my neck injury and post-marathon massage.  I felt so much better, I was out and about in no time.  I was actually roaming around downtown Chicago after my run, I'm simply amazed! I would highly recommend her to anyone that needs quality care for a decent price.  Jaye is the best!" --Linda B.

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